Thursday, August 29, 2013

Glitter Tattoo's Stampin' Up! Style

The fifth and final Stampin' Up! Convention presentation project that I did was all about glitter. In fact I had so much glitter inspiration that I actually squeezed 4 projects into this category. So that I can explain each technique I am going to split it up into the four glitter-ific ideas!! Are you excited or what!

The new Holiday Catalogue has glitter! I love glitter. Thursday's are my creative days in my craft room to design and prep classes. I swear, every Thursday after a day of stampin' someone tells me that I have glitter on my face. I get to tell them "oh, I was working today!" giggle. Seriously ... does your job involve glitter! BEST JOB EVER!! 

When I ordered the new glitter I was immediately inspired to create glitter tattoo's. My two little girls are all about the glitter tattoo's and they were more than happy to help me experiment. We learned a little along the way but have now mastered the Stampin' Up! Glitter Tattoo!!

Step 1

Hit the dollar store and get
   - self adhesive shelf liner
   - kid craft paint brushes
   - cheap hairspray

Cut the shelf liner to small squares about 3"x3"

Step 2
Punch shapes in the shelf liner with Stampin' Up! punches to create tattoo stencils

Step 3
Peel off shelf liner backing and apply to clean skin

Step 4
Spread Eye Lash Adhesive over the exposed skin. I used an inexpensive paint brush.

Step 5
Dump Stampin' Glitter over the wet eyelash glue.
Tip - have a piece of scratch paper so you can collect the excess glitter.

Push the glitter onto the glue.

Step 6
Brush off excess glitter with a clean paint brush and remove the stencil

Step 7
To Make it last longer spray with cheap Hairspray. 
My daughters even lasted through bath time!


Here are some butterfly tattoo's ...

We are just loving this! You could get creative and do multi-colored tattoo's too. My kids are a little small and do not want to sit that long ... but let your imagination run free!!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a creative day!

Krista Frattin

DIY Glitter Tattoo Stampin' Up! Supplies:
Black & Orange Stampin Glitter  132206  $9.95
Silver & Gold Stampin Glitter 132205  $9.95
Elegant Butterfly punch  127526  $21.95
Bitty Butterfly Punch  129406  $21.95
Full Heart Punch  119883  $22.95


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