Thursday, September 05, 2013

Glitter Mason Jar

I told you I love glitter! ... here is the third glitter project from my Stampin' Up! Convention 2013 presentation. 

Mason Jars are a huge trend right now. I love the shabby chic look. I think I have a dozen mason jars in my office right now filled with paper clips, pens, elastic bands, chap stick (I can never have enough chap stick). Combine that with my glitter love and we have ... Glitter Mason jars!

Step 1
Paint Chrystal Effects on to the outside face of your Mason Jar using an inexpensive paint brush.
I painted half the jar at a time to keep the Chrystal Effects from setting too quickly.
(I used a mini mason jar)

Step 2
While Chrystal Effects is still wet, dump Stampin' Glitter over to cover

Step 3
Repeat step 1 & 2 to do the remaining half of the Mason Jar to completely cover.
Allow mason jar to dry.

Step 4
Use Sticky Strip Adhesive and rim the top edge of the Mason Jar.
Cover with Ruffle Stretch Trim Ribbon

Step 5
Fill a cello bag with treats and pop into the Mason Jar.
Tie with some Linen thread and add a little tag.

Now when I was at Convention in Salt Lake City I watched another demonstrator at a demo booth do a similar technique ... forgive me, I can not recall her name! I would love to give her the credit!

What she did .... 
* Pour a generous amount of Chrystal Effects inside the jar and add a bit of Stampin' Glitter. 
You want the consistency to be runny, not too thick with the glitter. 
* Mix the Stampin' Glitter and Chrystal Effects together and then roll the mason jar around so that the mixture runs up the sides and coats the glass. 
* To finish she let sit upside down on a scrap piece of paper for a moment or two. Turn back over and allow to dry.

The bottom line is that Chrystal Effects and Glitter make everything Fab! You could coat pillar candles, glass candle holders, napkin rings, picture frames ... virtually anything! Did you see my Glitter Gourd Blog post recently ... yet another idea!

What will you cover with Chrystal Effects and Glitter??

Thanks for reading my blog! Have a creative day!

Krista Frattin

DIY Glitter Mason Jar Supply List:
Black & Orange Stampin' Glitter  132206  $9.95
Gold & Silver Stampin' Glitter  132205  $9.95
Chrystal Effects  101055  $7.95
Stick Strip   104294  $8.50
Linen Thread  104199  $5.95
Baked Brown Sugar 3/8" Ruffle Stretch Trim (Ribbon)  130022  $12.50/10 yrds.

Frosted Finishes Embellishments  132150  $8.95/ 12
Cellophane bags  102757  $5.50/ 50


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