Thursday, February 20, 2014

accordion album

I have been having a blah week. The weather has been chilly again and we got some more snow. I have not been motivated to stamp. I just wanted to curl up under my favorite Costco fuzzy blanket, watch the Olympics and each donuts. Today is Thursday and the kids are at the dayhome which means that I had no choice but to do a little stampin'. (I think Arturo would kick my butt if he found me sleeping all day with the kids at the dayhome!) So this afternoon I set out to design a mini album. I must say that it pumped me up and I am now on a great Stampin' high!

I am a sucker for a mini album. And even more so, one that is created with a flap or an interesting fold. I love that you can create a mini album in one sitting ... and you leave with a job accomplished! Of course, I love getting my pictures organized so that I can enjoy them as hard copy in a mini album. This is even more important now with my recent hard drive issues and loosing so many of my photos and home videos! 

Thankfully I had this class in the old noodle before my hard drive malfunction. I had uploaded them online to be printed and picked them up over the weekend. It made me so happy to touch and hold the pictures! I almost kissed them! (but that would be weird, right?!)

I was browsing around on the web looking for new ways to create a mini album and I found some created with an accordion fold. I gave it my own little twist and designed this new class ...

The album measures 6" x 12" and holds
24 - 3"x5" photographs

This class is a fantastic way to organize your 2013 photos and create a yearbook keepsake!
You can even print your Instagram or mobile phone photos to add to the yearbook.

Bring along your printed photographs to the class to add to the album.
All other materials, tools and instructions will be provided.

Registration closes March 10, 2014
Payment is required upon registration and is a final sale.
Class supplies can not be bundled to go you in your absence.

The interior pages are all flaps that cross each other. It is so cool! I chose to mount my photographs on the flaps with out embellishments. I printed my photographs with McBain Camera. They have the option to print at 3" x 5" and it worked perfectly. I think, looking back, it would have been very sharp if I had chosen to print all of the photographs in black and white. 

I wanted an album that was simple and quick to create. I am planning on adding a few dates and a wee bit of journaling, but I love the simplicity. You can always add to the interior pages if you desire. A quick trim to each of your photos with the Stampin' Trimmer would allow more space for stampin', designer paper or embellishments on each flap. 

Join me on March 24, 2014 for this class for all the dimensions and step by step "how to".

Thanks for reading friends! I hope you have a creative day!



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