Thursday, July 17, 2014

convention - day 2

We kicked things off this morning with a bang ... literally! Opening session was complete with music, fireworks and effect lighting. It got my energy going and my excitement high. Many of the girls we are with are experiencing their first Stampin' Up! event. It is awesome to watch there eyes big in awe. My downline Tonya Barich traveled with me this year and is one of the first timers.

Tonya Barich

main stage

we have taken over the convention center!
I am sitting at my computer and am having troubles remembering what we even did today! It was such a long day filled with ideas! But that is a good thing! I am certainly not complaining. 

I should start by telling you that we got a peek at the new Holiday Catalogue (coming your way September). It will not disappoint. And can I just say that it is the best catalogue ever. No, seriously. I know, I know ... I say that every cattie. But you really must see this one!!!! I am only allowed to show you the cover ... 

I had the privileged of listening to my upline, Lynsay Mahon speak in a great class about building and fostering relationships. She simply rocked it!! She is my hero and totally an inspiration! I recently told her that I wanted to be her when I grow up. She looked at me and with her fun Lynsay sass said "Honey, you are me!". Pinch me!

Lynsay Mahon on stage

Lynsay and I
My next stop was the recognition room ... the VIP treatment for award achievers. Yours truly will be receiving just a few awards this year. A playful photo booth let me show off those accomplishments.

The recognition room was pimp! I had a few chocolates and some "soda" as the Americans say. (Us Canucks call it pop). 

In the afternoon I took it easy and wandered around watching some product demo's and snapped 147 pictures of sample boards. Oh the ideas I have for you to come!! High on my priority list when I get home are a coloring class with the new Blendabilities and a ribbon product share. The new ribbons are just so beautiful that you need to have a taste of them all!

thousands of awe inspiring samples

how can you not want to play with these new Blendabilities

Of course the day was peppered with swapping, hugs and catching up with friends. I have met demonstrators over the years at these events and on incentive trips. Social Media keeps us in touch and I just love it. So many people have asked me about Jaleena and have given me big hugs of support. It means a lot that my followers worry and care about my family. A quick update ... Jaleena still is not eating and sleeping. The poor girl only gets an hour or two a night. The anxiety is still very intense. When I get home next week we will be patiently waiting for our Psychiatrist appointment.

My downline, sideline and upline - the bestest girls around!

My BFF Brian King. We met on the incentive trip this year.
When I was leaving home this week my kids asked if I was going to see Brian.
They just love him! But really - who doesn't?!
If you follow me and we have not met - please do come say hi! I love to know that people read this little blog of mine. For the rest of you at home I hope you have a creative day! 

Until tomorrow my friends ... 



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