Wednesday, December 17, 2014

burlap belly bands - artisan design team blog hop

Welcome to our weekly Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team Blog hop!
This week we are showcasing our monthly Artisan Design Team Facebook Projects! 

Confession time - I am a procrastinator. Seriously. And writing this post I realize that I often get by on the seat of my pants! Some that know me may find this surprising but then again some not so much! I am very organized and a busy body but I do put things off. When will I learn?

I will start this procrastination story with the project ....

Procrastination #1 - create a small Christmas gift and mail it to the US for a friend by the end of November.

So I literally have left myself one day to buy a gift, stamp-ify it, package it and get it to Canada post. Even at this point I know I have to express ship it! Lets not even talk about how much shipping costs are! I was in Superstore and found these maple flavored candles. Are candles flavored? Anyway ... a huge score! Thankfully the creative gods were on my side when I got home and this beaut went in the mail.

Procrastination #2 - create, photograph and send Stampin' Up! my monthly Facebook Project by the end of November. 

By the end of each month we send images of our monthly Artisan Design Team Facebook project to the Stampin' Up! home office. Three weeks later, which is today, we share the project with all of you. We have an entire month to prepare for this ... but it is usually the weekend of the deadline and paper is flying in my craft room. Can see the connection? I had this deadline looming and it was, of course, the last minute! Light bulb!! I will photograph the Christmas gift and make that the Facebook post! Boom! *dusting my shoulder*

Procrastination #3 - do the Facebook blog hop post.

Three weeks have passed since the project was complete and photographed. Today I need to have the post complete by early evening. I stroll into my office this morning only to find my laptop will not log on and no matter what I google or try I can not fix it. Panic. Serious Panic. The post is not even started and all of those photographs are on the locked lap top. And remember I mailed the gift away!!!

I ran the computer to my Brother-in-law who thankfully is a work from home tech genius. He tells me that it doesn't look good and to come back. Crap.

But then a Christmas Miracle happened!! He called me an hour later and was able to restore it! Thank-you baby Jesus! (Okay, a bit dramatic, but man was I relieved!)

I have never been so happy to sit at my desk and post! Phew!

Next on the hop is Lisa Harlow ... Her projects are always ah-mazing. Click through and see what she has cooked up!

So you have to tell me - are you a procrastinator? or do people like me drive you crazy?

A quick note that the Artisan Design Team will be taking a break next week for the Christmas Holiday. Join us again for the blog hop on January 1st, 2015. Have a creative day!

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