Friday, January 30, 2015

Leadership 2015 - Day 2

Day two did not disappoint! I am not sure that I have ever watched so much Stampin' on main stage before! The project ideas and techniques swirling in my head will never let me sleep tonight!!

We started with an early morning general session and then a days worth of break out classes. I took some time to learn a lot about the new business plan so that I can implement it in my business and coach my team of demonstrators. 

Carla and I at opening session

Karolina winning this mornings prize patrol! See Tanya's photo bomb?
I had a peaceful afternoon with a latte watching Stampin' presentations on stage.

I got to meet up with some of my fellow Artisan Design team members. It was so fun to be together! I just wish the entire global team could have been together!

Cindy & Mercedes

Cindy & Alison

We went out to dinner as a team and laughed so hard we cried. Seriously. Michelle had us rolling on the floor. I think that people in the restaurant must have thought we were all kinds of crazy ... or enjoying way too many cocktails! (which we were not)! It was so bitter sweet as this is our last Leadership.
On the way to the restaurant!

After dinner we headed back to the conference center for Stampin' night out! Stampin' Up! corporate team members continued to wow us with Stampin' presentations, 4 prize patrol giveaways and an all attendee giveaway!

Main stage stampin' demonstrations!

Stampers get a little excited about Prize Patrol!

Winner winner chicken dinner! Tanya & Carla won!

Kelly & I snuggled up!

We are now back at the hotel letting our hair down before our final day tomorrow! 

See you tomorrow!


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