Thursday, December 03, 2015

12 days of Christmas - Day 8 - Table Decor

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays to to set a pretty table. My mom did this every occasion when I was younger. There is just something about folding a cloth napkin and taking silverware from the chest that gives me the magical Christmas spirit. Add a few Stampin' Up! touches and you have a table setting that will wow all of your guests!

We are having friends over for dinner this week and I set the table up in the studio in our basement. When you have five in your family, and add a few guests, the table can fill pretty quickly. The basement has open space that is perfect for a relaxing dinner.

I sewed Tea Lace Paper Doilies together to create a banner and thumb tacked them to the ceiling. It fills the open space above the table and has a very elegant feeling. I love it so much that this banner may have to stay up after Christmas.

I wanted a simple center piece this year. Simple and clean is "in". At risk of starting a debate .... I believe that is the reason behind the Starbucks famous red cup.

Mason jars are a go to decor item for me. My daughter, Saraya, helped me make these jars. She filled the bottom with Epson Salts, added an electric tea light and some ribbon and twine.

Do you love the greenery? I found Magnolia Leaves this year and am addicted. It is fresh change from the cedar or spruce greenery typically used at Christmas. I bought them fresh on the bough. I had intended to sew the leaves together to make garland. However, I left them on my kitchen table and they dried. I snipped the leaves off the branch and Saraya laid them on the table with fresh cinnamon sticks.

I added a spools worth of Silver Cord for a little glimmer. The best part is that you can just roll the cord up after and use it again for another project!

At each table setting I fanned the cloth napkins and tied it with Tip Top Taupe Dotted Lace Trim. The Bird Builder Punch made these cute little boughs to slip behind the ribbon.

Setting an elegant table can be simple and in expensive. As you read, my 7 year old did a fine job with this project!

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