Monday, March 14, 2016

Summer Silhouettes & a design team surprise - GDP027

Hello everyone! The Global Design Project Challenge this week is "Thank-you" and the team has a special surprise! Buuuuuut - before I get to that I have to take a quick mommy moment ....

Yesterday afternoon we went to buy our little guy a new bike. Being that he is five, we told him that he was too big for training wheels on the new bike. We let him loose in the cul-de-sac and in under 5 minutes he had the hang of it! He wouldn't even let dad hold on to the seat and run beside him. He needed to do it all on his own. My heart was full and breaking, all at the same time. He is my baby and growing way to fast. The toddler is quickly melting away and he is turning into a little boy. Sniff ...

So the Global Design Project surprise ...
Each GDP designer has chosen a loyal challenge participate to dedicate their card too for this "Thank-you" week! You can image how difficult this was. We have had as many of 125 in a week and everyone is so creative and wonderful!!! You need to know that the design team notices you all. We take pride in the fact that we look at the submissions and we take the time to comment on your posts. It is because of YOU that we do this each week.

I chose to dedicate my card this week to Krista Driessen. When I click onto the Global Design Project Monday mornings, she is usually one of the first entries - if not the first! She is EXTREMELY talented and I am one of her #1 fans. And how cute is her name?! I do not know very many Krista's ... but I can say we are all pretty awesome!

I know you are curious to see who the rest of the Design Team will be dedicating their creations too. Click over to the Global Design Project to see!

Have an amazing week everyone! Come back to visit on Wednesday. I will be sharing my Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team blog hop project! You do not want to miss it!
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