Friday, April 08, 2016

Paper Pumpkin - Get a free Stamp Set!

Paper Pumpkin. Imagine a crafty project kit delivered to your door each month. No cutting paper, no designing, no digging through your craft supplies. Skip to the creative fun.

This is what was delivered to crafters everywhere in March ....

Each month the kit varies and each month it is a surprise. These kits are exclusive only to subscribers.

How can you join the club?

1 month prepaid subscription     $24.95 (CAD) + tax
     Think of this as a blind date. See how you feel about each other.

3 month prepaid subscription    $74.85 (CAD) + tax
     That first date gave you butterflies. Have a few more dates.

6 month prepaid subscription    $143.70 (CAD) + tax
     You are officially an item!

12 month prepaid subscription    $275.40 (CAD) + tax
     The next step in your relationship

Ongoing subscription                 $24.95 (CAD) + tax
     Just say yes! Walk down the isle and day I do!

Anyone of these subscriptions will get you a FREE STAMP SET in April - just order before April 10th!!!

Have a creative day!
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