Friday, January 17, 2014

Leadership 2014 - Managers' Reception adventure!

I got home to Edmonton on Sunday night. I was so excited to get hugs and kisses from my family. I missed them so much over the short five days I spent in Houston at Stampin' Up!'s 2014 Leadership Conference.

I took Monday to be a Mom and spend lots of time snuggling my babes. Tuesday I was right back at work with an event Tuesday night. It has been a month since my last event and I was so happy to get back to Stampin'! I met some great new Stampin' friends this week as my Stamp Clubs started up. It reminds me how much I love to share Stampin' Up!. I still have two spots open in my Wednesday Stamp Club if you are looking for a night out once a month to create cards or scrapbook layouts.

Last night after Zumba I sorted through all my photos from Houston. We had so much fun! I loaded some to my Facebook Business Page.  I blogged through out the event but missed sharing the Managers' Reception. That was a late night and I was simply just too tired! If you want to check out my other three blog posts just keep reading below in the feed.

Managers' Reception is an evening of eats, treats, excitement and the royal treatment! Based on my sales and team leadership I earned my way into this event. I am happy to say that I have attended Managers' Reception for four years now! Each year it just gets better and better. Stampin' Up! spoils us and the attention to details are amazing.

This year we loaded on buses to Houston's Downtown Aquarium. The venue was closed down for our private event. We walked off the buses to Stampin' Up! staff cheering and congratulating us. At the entrance to the Aquarium they had dancers on stilts greeting us. 

Our oh-so-cute tickets to the event

Walking through the doors wait staff offered us "themed" appetizers and beverages (yes that means sea food!). We went to watch the white tigers get fed. They were behind a wall of glass but I could not help the thought that I wanted to hug them. They sure looked cute and snugly!

The event was unscheduled and we were free to wander the venue and take it in. My roomie Kelly is a ride girl. You may remember me telling stories of last years Managers' Reception in Harry Potter world when she got me on two rides! (I am so not a ride girl). I like to be in control (if you know me, that does not surprise you). We did the farris wheel ... that I can handle because I know what to expect. It was so beautiful to see downtown Houston. 

We stumbled across more beverages and tent with sliders and dessert! Yum! You could choose a beef, chicken or lobster slider ... plus all the fixin's. My favorite food is a cheeseburger so I was in heaven!

A ride on the carousal had me sitting next to Shelli Gardner and her husband Sterling! I made it into the Stampin' Up! highlight video here! Check it out!

After watching Kelly ride the "drop ride thing" a few times I had a moment of bravery ... and got on myself. Not gonna lie. I was a wee bit scared getting strapped in. We started to climb and I realised I am not afraid of heights. It was a beautiful view! The dropping was nothing. I had so much fun! In fact, when the ride ended I would not take my seat belt off and I rode three times back to back! 

My bravery did not stop there. Next we wandered into the Sting Ray pool. They offered us a tray of bait to feed them. I felt like it was a once in a lifetime experience and I did not want to miss it. I had to take a few deep breaths just to touch the bait. I was sweating and my adrenaline was pumping. Don't laugh at me!!

To finish the experience we were allowed to pet them. And I did! It was exciting to do something out of my comfort zone. My cheeks hurt from laughing and screaming at the sting rays. It was an event highlight. 

The train at the Aquarium tours the property and then parks under the shark tank. There is a 5" thick glass arch above you and you can see all the sharks swimming. They taught us about the sharks. It was so cool! 

Late in the night we found a restaurant upstairs with piles food. Kelly was happy to find the oyster bar! I was happy to find the dessert table! Karolina enjoyed the mashed potato bar. They had white and sweet potatoes and everything you could imagine to add to them (even somethings that you could not imagine!). On a hot skillet they added your toppings and mixed them. Like Marble Slab but for potatoes! 

Stampin' Up! had divers in the tanks holding Stampin' Up! signs for a perfect photo op!

As the park closed and we left for the night, Stampin' Up! gave us a stamp set and a t-shirt to remember our exciting adventure!

It was a night to remember and I am so grateful to work for a company that appreciates us and celebrates us. Thank-you Stampin' Up!

Hope you enjoyed the details .. There are a lot more photographs on my Facebook business page. You should hop over there and check them out!

Have a creative day friends!

Krista Frattin


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