Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Stampin' journey ... 7 years and counting!

Next week marks my 7th Anniversary with Stampin' Up! To celebrate Stampin' Up! Canada sent me a congratulatory card! It was so nice to receive it in the mail and be recognised!

The personal touches were so cute! Check out the stamped inside and back ...

I remember the day I purchased the Starter Kit and said YES! to the Stampin' Up! experience. I was on maternity leave with our first daughter. She was born in October 2006 and it was January 2007. I was tired of being home with her allllllll day. Often referring to each day as groundhogs day. The same thing day in and day out. I just wanted a little bit of socialisation. 
A picture of me and my little girl in January of 2007
... the start of my Stampin' career!

The other large contributing factor was that maternity leave left me on a fixed income and my husband put me on a tight crafting budget! I had been a loyal Stampin' Up! customer for some time. Our decision was a $25 purchase each month ... WAY below my regular spending habits!

I went o my up-lines Sale-a-bration open house just for a night out. When she explained the extra bonus for becoming a demonstrator during Sale-a-bration, I listened a little bit closer. When she then told me that my first purchase was 30% off (or income), I sat a little closer to the edge of my seat. When she said she was going to draw for free product as a gift for signing up, I jumped at the chance to join. 

When I came home I hold my husband it was just for a deal ... I was not going to be a demonstrating demonstrator. Well you all know how that worked out for me!! That week I joined a new moms group. When we did introductions and said a little bit about ourselves I learnt that almost everyone in the group liked scrapbooking, crafting or making cards. A total ah-ha moment! Between that moment and the next meeting the following week, I gathered some project samples and made flyers for an open house. I invited all of my new mom friends, family and dropped invites in all of my neighbors mail boxes.

My open house was a huge success! I made enough to pay for my starter kit! (and back then the kit was way more money!!). I also had enough interest to start my first Stampin' monthly club! So much for not being a demonstrating demonstrator, right?

Over the first few years I did one or two clubs, a few classes and the odd party. I am not sure if I made any money. I was in it for the fun and to make time for myself to work on projects I loved. When we welcomed our third child in 2010 my Stampin' business was growing and growing. That year I achieved my first incentive trip to Disney World! It was so exciting for us! 

By the fall of 2011 my husband and I had decided that my place was best at home with the kids. I did not return to my career as an Architectural Project Manager. I increased my events and put more effort into my Stampin' business.

Now here we are, in 2014! Stampin' is a huge part of my life! My daughter wants to be a Stampin' Upper when she grows up. I have a groove with my business and have found a great balance. I love being the Mom that gets to drive the kids to and from school and be here in the afternoons for snacks and snuggles. 
working on a blog post with my littlest babe by my side!

watching Ellen after school and getting those snuggles
with my second & third born!
My oldest babe ... less pictures of this princess.
She does not like getting her picture taken!
 I am one of the lucky ones that gets to do what they love! Thanks for reading about my Stampin' Story! It was a fun walk down memory lane for me!

Krista Frattin


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