Wednesday, July 23, 2014

convention - swag

A huge convention perk is the swag you come home with. This year it was over half of a suitcase for me. I actually had to buy a roll carry-on case for the plane home!

Each Stampin' Up! event that you attend you receive an event bag. The bag is different and exclusive to each event. Only attendees can get their hands on these coveted items. This years bag was a bit smaller than past years but was perfect for a tablet and some personal items.

The "Real Red" Convention 2014 bag!
With registration we received three stamp sets and four make-and-take project kits. I only had enough time during the schedule to squeeze in one make-and-take class. I have three kits here waiting for assembly. Should we take bets on how long it will take me to complete them? Maybe a good challenge will motivate me!

my to-be-completed make-and-take projects
During the event after each stampin' presentation there are prize patrol giveaways. Each attendee gets a colored wrist band at check in. When prize patrol is announced a colored wrist band is flashed on the screen and those lucky winners get a bundle of products. There is lots of cheering, dancing, music and jealousy! I was not a lucky winner this year (I will get over it) ... but thankfully Stampin' Up! had a few all attendee giveaways to cheer me up!!

All of the stamp sets and product I brought home!
Notice that two sets are hidden behind others?
Those are sets coming out in September!

Something new this year was an optional class night. I signed up for a class that showcased techniques with stamps, paper and ink. This class gave us the mother load of products to take home to practice these stampin' techniques. We also created a super cute and handy journal to remember all of the mind blowing techniques.
see how my "paper" tab is a wee bit off ...
tip of the day. do not drink beer at dinner and try to stamp
in a fast paced class after!
Then came awards night. You may have read my previous posts about this event. I earned Founders Circle (one of the top 20 demo's in Canada) and got another bag! Also on my list of awards was Artisan Design Team. This came with a gorgeous box. Inside was a custom name stamp with the Artisan logo and my new Tiffany Bracelet. This box was the reason for the new luggage to get home!

the Artisan award box

the Founders Circle bag
On top of all of that Stampin' Up demonstrators are the best friends and roommates to have. Hand made gifts are often given and received. I actually did jump on the giving train this year and made 24 gifts for my team and friends. You will have to watch for my next blog post with those super cute treats!
daily gifts from my up-line, my make-and-take "kindness" cards
and the journal from the technique class
a star bracelet from my upline for ... well, being a star <3
my stampin' sister Carla Entz sewed these bags for us!

Can you believe that there was even more in the suitcase than this? You will have to check out my next blog post when I show off my swap projects and some of the ones I have received. 

Thanks for reading today! Have a creative day!



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