Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Stampin' Up! Artisan Blog Hop - The begnining

Artisan? Me? What did I get myself into? It had never crossed my mind to apply for the Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team ... until this year.

So what changed this year? Why did I apply now?
I have been seriously looking for a hobby lately. Don't laugh! I am!! Maybe it is that my little guy is off to school in September or that we have had a stressful year but I am searching for ME time!! Years ago I started Stampin' for the therapy of it. For the enjoyment and peace. It is was my time and my hobby. I can not remember the last time I stamped for myself. Then the light bulb went off ... I have a hobby! I just needed to rekindle the romance. Everything I create and design is for a class, event, club ... which I love and always have fun doing. But my personality is a last minute girl so these often are with pressure and a little heat under my seat. Rekindling my crafting romance is like any other ... think of dating ... the flirting, the chase, the kiss. Getting a kiss is exciting but I want to slow down and enjoy the flirting and the thrill of the chase. Or perhaps baseball ... a home run is fantastic but I want to hit all the bases. Ok, TMI ... back on track here people!

Then I got the call from Stampin' Up!. I was in Walmart at the check out with three crabby kits when my iPhone rang. I thought I was dreaming when they told me that I was on the Artisan Design Team! It was everything in me not to cry!! We walked to the truck and I buckled all the kids in. I was shaking and kept saying "Holly Crap"!! I think I worried them, the kept asking what was wrong. We speaker phoned Arturo and I told him the news. He was the one and only that I was allowed to tell. I figured my secret was safe with the kids ... they had no idea what I was talking about anyway.

The big struggle was keeping the secret until convention. I had to tell little white lies to those few that knew I applied. When they announced the Artisans at awards night I was seated with about 20 team members. There was lots of screaming, excitement and hugs! It was such a happy secret to keep! My fellow Artisan achiever Sarah Saggert is my sideline. It was so exciting to share that moment with her! I just love her to bits!
Sarah Saggert and I with the Artisan Box
Now what have I gotten myself into? The funny (honest) part is that I did not read the application process fully (Shhh .. don't tell). I did know the important stuff ... like that there are weekly blog posts and I had to do four projects a month. Easy - I can do that. What I did not know ... I got money, a product shopping spree and a Tiffany Bracelet! Whaat?!! Plus, each month they send me product to use for the projects.
I was following other demonstrators in the US as they received their boxes.
Being a Canadian I had thought it would be days away .. buuut ...
Stampin' Up! expressed shipped it! What a treat!
My first peek inside the box. My words ...
"5 stamp sets!?!?!? FIVE?!?!?"
I thought the monthly product would be just a few things to work with ... but my August box was bursting at the seams with over $300 in product! Squeal! I am still in disbelieve. It is like winning the Stampin' Up! lottery all year long!

The rest of the box contents did not disappoint either.

I told Arturo he had to take my picture hugging my goodies when he got home.
I had tried to take a photo of me smelling the paper (love the smell of paper!)
but I looked a little, um, creepy. 
I found a spot for my Artisan supplies in my office. Away from all of my other Stampin' stuff. I did not want them to get lost with the others (or the others to get jealous). After all you need to treat those you are romancing special, right?

Before one enters into any romance you have a few things to do. Looking and feeling your best is always high on that list. We were home for the long weekend and I wanted to clean up my craft room and studio and finish all those projects that have been on my to do list for way too long. I did use a few treasures from the Artisan box this weekend updating my studio decor.  Everything is organized and feels wonderful.
I added a new dresser for my Big Shots to the studio.
On the wall shelf are magnetic frames for my edgelits and framelits.  
I removed the glass from the frames and cut a piece of
Confetti Celebration Designer Series Paper to fit.
The dollar store sold 5x7 magnetic sheets (too good to be true, right?!)
I added those behind the designer series paper and put the frame backing on.
The second to do list project was to do something with
the large frames on either end of this shelving unit.
They have been sitting there, on display, for a year and a half with nothing in them.
Frame #1
Frame #2
I removed the glass from the frames. The large white photo mat came with the frame.
In the photo opening I added the Confetti Celebration Designer Series Paper.
A couple of glue dots fasten the In Color Clothespins to the paper.
It is perfect for displaying my latest cards! Simple, right?
Now the task is to get my Stampin' on! (totally singing Marvin Gaye). This romance thing is going right to my head! I am so looking forward to my year on the Artisan Design team ... bring on the romance baby!

If you are joining me from the Artisan Blog Hop you just came from Kerstin Kreis. Up next is Lisa Harlow! Read on to learn about these amazing Artisans.

Watch for the weekly Artisan Blog Hop each Thursday!

Thanks for reading! Have a creative (& romantic) day!!



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