Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This is a throw down, a showdown - TGIF Challenges - #TGIFCTD03

This is a throw down, a showdown, hello no, I can't slow down
It's gonna go down, first offense on the mix down, go on and break down
Okay, party people in the house, may I have your attention, please?
In a moment, the beat will be played in many parts, come and break
Many parts, many, one, two, three come on and break

This jam is amplified, so just glide and let your backbone slide
       ~Maestro Fresh Wes

Today is Tuesday, yes Tuesday. You will usually find me on a  Friday with TGIF, but today is a special edition for me! This is the Tuesday Throw Down!

Sometimes I think I am a walking jukebox ... a song pops into my head for almost everything that I hear. You can not say "throw down" with out thinking of Maestro Fresh Wes!!!

Have you paid a visit to TGIF Challenges on a Tuesday yet? This monthly challenge is sooo cool! This was my first experience and I had fun putting my creation together. Here is the idea. Each month there is a Throw Down supply list. Here is August #TGIFCTD03:

As you can see you need to use at least four of the items listed. There are a few other basics you can use ... these items are on the Pantry list. Buuuut that is all you can use. That is it! (read more about the challenge rules at TGIF).

Squeeel! Here is what I created ...

My musical monologue makes you wanna move with the Maestro,
You feel hot so you set the blend the crescendo is nice, yo,
I'm the guy, the rhythm is a ride
To the fresh side and let your backbone slide, 
This is a throw down.
       ~Maestro Fresh Wes

Ya hear? This is a throw down! Click over to TGIF and join the challenge!

Thank-you for putting up with my rap! Have a creative day!

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