Wednesday, July 23, 2014

convention - swag

A huge convention perk is the swag you come home with. This year it was over half of a suitcase for me. I actually had to buy a roll carry-on case for the plane home!

Each Stampin' Up! event that you attend you receive an event bag. The bag is different and exclusive to each event. Only attendees can get their hands on these coveted items. This years bag was a bit smaller than past years but was perfect for a tablet and some personal items.

The "Real Red" Convention 2014 bag!
With registration we received three stamp sets and four make-and-take project kits. I only had enough time during the schedule to squeeze in one make-and-take class. I have three kits here waiting for assembly. Should we take bets on how long it will take me to complete them? Maybe a good challenge will motivate me!

my to-be-completed make-and-take projects
During the event after each stampin' presentation there are prize patrol giveaways. Each attendee gets a colored wrist band at check in. When prize patrol is announced a colored wrist band is flashed on the screen and those lucky winners get a bundle of products. There is lots of cheering, dancing, music and jealousy! I was not a lucky winner this year (I will get over it) ... but thankfully Stampin' Up! had a few all attendee giveaways to cheer me up!!

All of the stamp sets and product I brought home!
Notice that two sets are hidden behind others?
Those are sets coming out in September!

Something new this year was an optional class night. I signed up for a class that showcased techniques with stamps, paper and ink. This class gave us the mother load of products to take home to practice these stampin' techniques. We also created a super cute and handy journal to remember all of the mind blowing techniques.
see how my "paper" tab is a wee bit off ...
tip of the day. do not drink beer at dinner and try to stamp
in a fast paced class after!
Then came awards night. You may have read my previous posts about this event. I earned Founders Circle (one of the top 20 demo's in Canada) and got another bag! Also on my list of awards was Artisan Design Team. This came with a gorgeous box. Inside was a custom name stamp with the Artisan logo and my new Tiffany Bracelet. This box was the reason for the new luggage to get home!

the Artisan award box

the Founders Circle bag
On top of all of that Stampin' Up demonstrators are the best friends and roommates to have. Hand made gifts are often given and received. I actually did jump on the giving train this year and made 24 gifts for my team and friends. You will have to watch for my next blog post with those super cute treats!
daily gifts from my up-line, my make-and-take "kindness" cards
and the journal from the technique class
a star bracelet from my upline for ... well, being a star <3
my stampin' sister Carla Entz sewed these bags for us!

Can you believe that there was even more in the suitcase than this? You will have to check out my next blog post when I show off my swap projects and some of the ones I have received. 

Thanks for reading today! Have a creative day!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

convention - day 4

Our last day of convention started with General Session. The excitement in the room was high from all of the celebrating the night before. You would think us stampers would have been tired by this point, right? Not a chance!

I felt so lucky to have met many many demonstrators who came to say hi and offer congratulations. I am definitely a people person and loved making new friends. I only wish I was better with remembering names. Thankfully many of them added me as Facebook friends so that I can try to remember them for our next conference.
Kristine Burns from Calgary, AB.
We met at leadership years ago and have become great friends! 
In the morning general session Stampin' Up! celebrated career sale milestones and anniversaries. I walked for $200,000.00 in career sales. Many of my Stampin' Sisters walked for 5 year and 10 year. My upline Lynsay Mahon walked for $600,000.00! It was so exciting to cheer for everyone when they had their moment on the stage.

My Stampin' Sisters taking their moment on stage!

After general session we had break out classes. I had to miss one class to stand in line to get my photo opp with the Artisan and Founders Circle plaque. So worth it though. I am pretty darn proud!

Stampin' Up! had posted the Artisan Design Team photos, bio's and projects on a board. It was amazing to see my name up their with all of the other 15 talented ladies. 

At lunch I joined some ladies that I had never met. We share business tips and I autographed their Convention Programs. Te-he-he ... me, autographs!? 

Before we knew it closing session was upon us. Stampin' Up! had us laughing with a game show, swooning and stamping presentations and crying at the convention highlight video. Watch the video here.

It all went by so fast! Some of our team went shopping and some went to dinner. A few of us headed for the pool ... that is exactly what I needed after four days on my feet. We had so much fun that we did not want to leave. We sent someone on a wine run and ordered pizza. The hotel let us break the rules and eat pool side and stay up late. I think I sat by the pool for 12 hours and got to bed at 5:30 am. Who says that Stampers are boring? 

I am still trying to catch up on sleep but am totally rejuvenated with my business. I have a lot of ideas in my head. Watch for projects, classes and events coming your way soon!

Thank-you for reading all of my convention highlights. It has been fun to re-live it and share it with all of you.

Have a creative day!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

convention - day 3

I am home in Edmonton writing you the day three update. What a day it was. There was so much celebrating that I did leave enough time to "work". I have piles of pictures and lots of stories!!! Enjoy!

Day three was an early start with a general session. I got to walk the stage with Lynsay Mahon for Sales and Leadership bench marks this year.
Lynsay Mahon and I
Joyce and I in general session - dancing and excited for the day to start!
Jamie Westerhof and I! This girl had me laughing all session!
The rest of the day was full of classes. My brain is swimming with class and event ideas and my note book is full of inspiration! The class schedule was so full that I did not leave enough time to do the make and take projects. I have brought them home and just need to find a quiet moment to have a cup of tea and create them. 
Make and takes that I need to create. Cute, right?!
We went out to eat as a team before we headed to the hotel to get dolled up for awards night. This is my favorite event at convention. It is electric to be there and watch the genuine excitement of those who are recognized. It is very Hollywood and Stampin' Up! staff are in tuxedo's and dresses. They have a fancy Plexiglas podium and introduce each awards category. Flowers, gifts and hugs are given to award recipients.
On our way to awards night.
Waiting for awards to start with some of my fave Stampin' Friends
Mary Ellen Stites, Lynsay Mahon and Meg Loven. 
My friend, dance partner, roommate and Stampin' sister Karolina Quest.
My first award was for my Achievers Bonus. Stampin' Up! handed out the cutest little wrist corsages and we walked the stage for a photo-op. 

Before I left Edmonton I did a little shopping to buy an extra special dress for awards night. I had been keeping a secret! A few weeks ago I found out that I was selected to be on the 2014-2015 Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team! 3 Canadians were selected of only 16 Artisans world wide! I could not believe it when they called with the news and still could not believe it when I walked on the stage to Shelli Gardner's warm congratulatory hug! Pinch me!!

Sarah Sagert is my friend and sideline.
We are so blessed to be on this years Artisan team together!
We are going to have so much fun!

Lynsay Mahon was a proud Momma Bear as two
of her downline shared the Artisan Award.
The North American members of the Artisan Design Team.
The remaining team members were not in attendance as they are from overseas.
After all of that excitement I thought that the night simply could not get better. I was wrong! At the end of the night they announce the Founders Circle Achievers. Founders circle is the top 20 demonstrators in Canada and the top 100 in the United States. These winners receive a special Founders Circle bag and a 5 day trip to Utah in September to relax and celebrate!! Swoon!!

Stampin' Up! caught this emotional moment of film and posted this to Facebook.
I was overcome with emotion and even ugly cried. Un-be-liev-able!! 
The beautiful 2014 Founders Circle achievers.
The Founders Circle bag.
After awards we headed to the after party. The theme was country. They had a fantastic band singing and teaching us line dances, delish treats and snacks, product give aways, photo-ops and a mechanical bull! I found the best ladies to watch my Founders bag and Artisan box while I danced the night away. Sending you girls much love out there!!!

I borrowed this picture from the official Stampin' Up! Facebook images.
What a fun night!

At the very end of the night I headed to the bull. I stayed on for a very long while.
Too long I think .. the operator then was challenged to throw me.
In the end I fell face first, skirt up into the mat. Oops!
Stampin' Up! has it on film.
Thankfully the event highlight real has my fall only to the start of the "dismount".
That could have been, um, exposing. 
We were one of the last ones to leave the after party. We walked to a pub and had a few appies and a glass of wine. Lynsay gave me a star bracelet to congratulate me on the night and my amazing year. 

When we got back to the hotel I slowly opened my Artisan box and took it all in. Inside was a personalized Artisan stamp, a Tiffany bracelet and a welcome letter. 

Engraved with the Stampin' Up! logo and the Artisan Design team date.

It was very late when we melted into the bed. My heart was so full! I want to thank all of my customers and followers for making this dream come true. It is an amazing feeling to be recognized for working hard at something you love. Every order you place, every post you read, every event you attend and all the love you send has changed my life. THANK-YOU! 

Watch for my next post about the final day of convention and all of the wrap up excitement. 

Have a creative day!


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Thursday, July 17, 2014

convention - day 2

We kicked things off this morning with a bang ... literally! Opening session was complete with music, fireworks and effect lighting. It got my energy going and my excitement high. Many of the girls we are with are experiencing their first Stampin' Up! event. It is awesome to watch there eyes big in awe. My downline Tonya Barich traveled with me this year and is one of the first timers.

Tonya Barich

main stage

we have taken over the convention center!
I am sitting at my computer and am having troubles remembering what we even did today! It was such a long day filled with ideas! But that is a good thing! I am certainly not complaining. 

I should start by telling you that we got a peek at the new Holiday Catalogue (coming your way September). It will not disappoint. And can I just say that it is the best catalogue ever. No, seriously. I know, I know ... I say that every cattie. But you really must see this one!!!! I am only allowed to show you the cover ... 

I had the privileged of listening to my upline, Lynsay Mahon speak in a great class about building and fostering relationships. She simply rocked it!! She is my hero and totally an inspiration! I recently told her that I wanted to be her when I grow up. She looked at me and with her fun Lynsay sass said "Honey, you are me!". Pinch me!

Lynsay Mahon on stage

Lynsay and I
My next stop was the recognition room ... the VIP treatment for award achievers. Yours truly will be receiving just a few awards this year. A playful photo booth let me show off those accomplishments.

The recognition room was pimp! I had a few chocolates and some "soda" as the Americans say. (Us Canucks call it pop). 

In the afternoon I took it easy and wandered around watching some product demo's and snapped 147 pictures of sample boards. Oh the ideas I have for you to come!! High on my priority list when I get home are a coloring class with the new Blendabilities and a ribbon product share. The new ribbons are just so beautiful that you need to have a taste of them all!

thousands of awe inspiring samples

how can you not want to play with these new Blendabilities

Of course the day was peppered with swapping, hugs and catching up with friends. I have met demonstrators over the years at these events and on incentive trips. Social Media keeps us in touch and I just love it. So many people have asked me about Jaleena and have given me big hugs of support. It means a lot that my followers worry and care about my family. A quick update ... Jaleena still is not eating and sleeping. The poor girl only gets an hour or two a night. The anxiety is still very intense. When I get home next week we will be patiently waiting for our Psychiatrist appointment.

My downline, sideline and upline - the bestest girls around!

My BFF Brian King. We met on the incentive trip this year.
When I was leaving home this week my kids asked if I was going to see Brian.
They just love him! But really - who doesn't?!
If you follow me and we have not met - please do come say hi! I love to know that people read this little blog of mine. For the rest of you at home I hope you have a creative day! 

Until tomorrow my friends ... 


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