Friday, August 28, 2015

Starburst card - TGIF Challenges #TGIFC18

Is it Friday already? I have been busy this week in my studio stamping up a storm. I am stamping way ahead (not like me at all) so that I am ready for the busy two weeks ahead as school starts.

This week the TGIF Challenge is our monthly remix #TGIFC18...

The idea is to mix two or more challenges from the month of August. Here is a reminder of what we have been up to ...

I think that I should get an A+ for using all three in my card this week!

Time to see what you can dream up! For information to play along click over to the TGIF Challenges site. Anyone can join the fun!!!

Thank-you for reading! Have a creative day!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Market Fresh Gift Basket - Artisan Design Team Blog Hop

I had so much fun creating a project for the blog hop this week! (I am sure you have heard me say that before ... but that is what happens when you stamp!).

Our assignment this week was the Market Fresh Stamp Set and Farmers Market Designer Series Paper. They are full of harvest fun!

I was inspired by the lettuce ... I instantly saw a gift basket of fresh produce. It happens that a number of houses on our street have sold and new neighbors are moving in. Boom - that is how my perfect house warming gift was born!

This time of year it seams that everyone is harvesting their suburban gardens. I myself, do not have a garden. These veggies were purchased from my community grocery store. But who would know that?!?! You could also cheat and hit a local farmers market!

Don't you love it!?? I thought it was a unique idea and a change from the muffins and cupcake gifts.

Next on the blog hop is Mercedes Weber.
Be sure to click through all of the Artisans.
You will love what we have done with these market products.

Have a creative day!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This is a throw down, a showdown - TGIF Challenges - #TGIFCTD03

This is a throw down, a showdown, hello no, I can't slow down
It's gonna go down, first offense on the mix down, go on and break down
Okay, party people in the house, may I have your attention, please?
In a moment, the beat will be played in many parts, come and break
Many parts, many, one, two, three come on and break

This jam is amplified, so just glide and let your backbone slide
       ~Maestro Fresh Wes

Today is Tuesday, yes Tuesday. You will usually find me on a  Friday with TGIF, but today is a special edition for me! This is the Tuesday Throw Down!

Sometimes I think I am a walking jukebox ... a song pops into my head for almost everything that I hear. You can not say "throw down" with out thinking of Maestro Fresh Wes!!!

Have you paid a visit to TGIF Challenges on a Tuesday yet? This monthly challenge is sooo cool! This was my first experience and I had fun putting my creation together. Here is the idea. Each month there is a Throw Down supply list. Here is August #TGIFCTD03:

As you can see you need to use at least four of the items listed. There are a few other basics you can use ... these items are on the Pantry list. Buuuut that is all you can use. That is it! (read more about the challenge rules at TGIF).

Squeeel! Here is what I created ...

My musical monologue makes you wanna move with the Maestro,
You feel hot so you set the blend the crescendo is nice, yo,
I'm the guy, the rhythm is a ride
To the fresh side and let your backbone slide, 
This is a throw down.
       ~Maestro Fresh Wes

Ya hear? This is a throw down! Click over to TGIF and join the challenge!

Thank-you for putting up with my rap! Have a creative day!

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

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Monday, August 24, 2015

I am a guest blogger for Stampin' Up!

Today I am a guest blogger fort the official Stampin' Up! blog!!! As a member of the Artisan Design Team, I am lucky enough to have had this honor twice now!

Today I created a paper birdcage ... that I absolutely love!

Click on over to the Stampin' Up! blog for full instructions and my blog post!

Have a creative day!

I would love to hear from you!
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Friday, August 21, 2015

Frozen Birthday Party!

Our little girl turned 7! To celebrate we had a Frozen Birthday Party. If you have children, I am willing to bet that you have attended at least one Frozen birthday party lately. If you do not have children, I am sure every single one of you has either watched the movie, heard a song or watched a clip. This Frozen thing is a world wide phenomenon and I was up to the task to pull of the Frozen party to end all Frozen parties!

Well, maybe it was not that dramatic. But according to my 7 year old, everything had to be just right, and approved by her.

Our first task together was to create the treat bags. She asked for me to create a sample so that she could okay it before we got assembling all of them for our guests. At first I was thinking "okay kid, you are a pain in the ass! I'm the Artisan here!". But then I quickly realized that I was bursting with pride! She was loving Stamping with me. She had a vision and an eye for design! The cherry on top -  she kept saying "this is so much fun Mommy"! ... Until I tried to take a break and eat an apple. Then she said "What are you doing? Can you get back to work? We just need to get this done already!". Apple did not fall far from this tree!

After she went off to bed, I spent the night (until 1:00 am) making up a few banners for our decor. They were the icing on the cake! I love how these banners just make the WOW at a party!

Our treat table, a party staple at our house! Over the years I have given up making the cake and cookies. I used to do it all ... but three kids later and a booming Stampin' Up! business means I had to pick and choose my battles. I am obviously passionate about the DIY party decor, so I had to let the baking go. I have learned that many bakeries have fab treats and they are cheap! Do you know how expensive and time consuming baking is?! (You are laughing at me if you are a paper crafter. Because that is totally different!!!)

When I was creating this banner I had a sad thought. With Jaleena, I only got about 7 birthdays with her. Come her 8th birthday she wanted a party out of our house at a bouncy castle venue. The "in and out" of these locations do not allow me hours to decorate. I hope that Saraya will give me a few more parties to plan for her!

My favorite line from the move ... I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face!!!! YES!

Jumbo marshmallows!!! Yummy! I think the kids were stuffing these in their faces too! Sorry parents!

Most of the parents stuck around to visit while the kids played games. We had to take care of them too ...

Don't worry ... the punch was virgin. My fave party detail: "Some people are worth melting for". Get it? I put it on the ice water jug?!?!?! Cute, right !!!!????

This was directing our guests to the back yard. I used Stampin' Up! Designer Series Paper mounted to cardboard. I added a ribbon and wrote the sign with a large black Sharpie.

We had two hours for the party. One hour for games and one hour to eat. It was perfect! The kids were busy and happy!

Coloring pages! 
I went on Pinterest and found a load of Frozen printable pages for free!
Glitter Tattoo's!
I found an inexpensive kit and let my oldest man the station. It made her feel so involved and important. It is always hard when you are not the birthday girl and your sister is!


Snow Ball Toss!
Easiest game ever! Dollar Store baskets and Styrofoam balls. I added numbers on the inside of each basket for points (of course I used the Stampin' Up! Big Shot & Dies to cut the numbers & shapes). The kids loved this game the most. We had small Rocket candies for rewards for each participant.

Frozen T-shirt Game!
The kids thought this was hilarious! I am sure you can tell by the look on Saraya's face! I bought women's T-shirts on clearance at Walmart for $3 each. I wet them, folded them, put them in a zip lock bag and stuck them in the freezer over night. The kids were in groups and had to get the T-shirt thawed and onto a kid. A lesson learnt - wring the T-shirts out well before you freeze them. I wrung them out but not enough. It was a challenge for the kids to get them melted!

Another success ... only if you have a summer birthday party! This was a bit messy but a quick spray down with the garden hose and the mess was gone. We had one rule ... no snow ball fights. The kids listened and played with Frozen figurines and sand toys in the snow forever! My daughter with Sensory Processing Disorder LOVED this!
Recipe: Mix 2 parts Corn Starch to 1 part Shaving Cream.

 It was a perfect day for our princess. They really do grow up so fast. I am grateful that I am a blogger and a scrapbooker. This gives us a journal of our lives that we will treasure forever. Everything goes so quickly and our memories only get shorter.

 Thank-you to the man behind the scene! He is the one putting the kids to bed so that I can craft until late into the night. He puts up with all of my crazy each and every day! Now that is a big job!

 I always make someone take one picture of me at the party. Being behind the camera and running around keeping everything going is a busy job. I want the kids to have memories of me on film too! Plus, I had the cutest darn Elsa braid in my hair!

This was the aftermath. The sign that we are blessed with friends and family who love us. A sign that we have made memories to last a lifetime. A sign that we are fortunate beyond measure. We all went to be happy, full of love (and full of sugar)! Just the way every birthday should end!

Thank-you for sharing a bit of our little girls Birthday with us! Have a creative day!

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** most of the supplies used for this party decor are retired Stampin' Up! products from the 2014 Holiday Catalogue ** 

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